A Love of Writing


Lately, I’ve really been enjoying SMP Living‘s Behind the Blog series. They are thoughtful interviews of popular bloggers on the subject of their trade.  It’s gotten me thinking a lot about blogging in general; why it’s become popular, and why people do it.

Obviously, there are those who blog for profit or fame – but I can’t imagine anyone really starting that way and being able to stick it out. It always seems to stem more from a love of writing, a desire for a creative outlet and community building. That’s one of the reasons I turn to the internet as my source for the sort of content that I once could only find in magazines. Now, magazines are so ad-rich that it’s difficult to even find the content anymore. I suppose there are plenty of websites and blogs that are headed that direction, but for the most part I’m at least confident that the writer is writing about what they really think. There’s a sincerity to blogging that I really appreciate.

Which made me realize that authentic writing and sincerity is important to me, and I want my blog to reflect that as well.

I’ve also realized that taking great photographs is critical. I’ve never considered myself to be an excellent photographer, but it’s a learning experience I suppose. I want to improve, so I’ll keep plugging away at it.