Cozy Fall Favorites for Baby Boys

Oh what a wonderful time of year. I know my husband and I are loving bundling up against that November chill, but Baby Blue gets the best of it. Why?

Fleece footies! He’s been wearing these to death because we only just turned our heating on. But I feel ridiculous when we leave the house with him still in his PJs. It’s tempting, I know. But come on.

I’ve gone through moments of joy and sadness when it comes to baby boy fashion. I get a little sad because I see all these cute little dresses and shoes that we don’t get to dress him in, but then when I’m rushing to get out the door to the grocery store I’m thrilled that it doesn’t take any thought to dress him. No need to coordinate. Every pair of pants he owns goes with every onesie and sweater. It’s really hard to go wrong.

I do have to say, little boys look pretty slick in some fall friendly clothes. Like flannel (how I love flannel)! Here’s a few of my fall favorites for little boys.

Cozy Fall Favorites - For Baby Boy


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How adorable is that little umbrella hoodie? Perfect for the god-awful weather we’ve been having here in the Pacific Northwest. That paired with the flannel shirt, Baby Blue is an up and coming grunge-loving, umbrella-shunning, coffee-drinking Seattleite.

Oh and the bear hat is an homage to the great big black bear who’s been rifling through our trash lately.